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  • DigitalGaze

    digital gaze
    /ˈdijidl gāz/

    1. a steady intent digital look.
    “he turned, following her digital gaze”
    synonyms: stare, fixed digital look, gape.

    No Image There and the Gaze Remains…

  • (…) and since
    at lightspeed, etc. (everything is simultaneous): my hands
    serrated with desires, shoved into these excavated
    —mauve, maroons, gutters of flecking golds—
    my hands are living in myriad manifestations
    of light. . . .
    “All forms of imitation are to be despised.”
    “All subjects previously used must be discarded.”
    “At last we shall rush rapidly past objectiveness” . . .
    Oh enslavement, will you take these hands
    and hold them in
    for a time longer? Tops of the oaks, do you see my tiny
    golden hands
    pushed, up to the wrists,
    into the present? Star I can’t see in daylight, young, light
    and airy star—
    I put the seed in. The beam moves on.
    The Visible World (Jorie Graham)